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We understand that experiencing a dental emergency can be a stressful, scary time for both your child and you. We leave room in our schedule to provide same-day urgent dental care for kids. We don’t want your child to have to wait in pain or make you search for a dentist that can fit you in, we’ll be there for you!

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How to Handle Your Child’s Dental Emergencies

When an emergency occurs, the initial steps you take can make a big difference in saving your child’s tooth and minimizing any lasting damage. Please call our office right away when you’re dealing with an emergency and our team can advise you on what you should do before getting to our office. Also, please check out the tips below to gain a better understanding of what to do in certain urgent dental situations.

Mouth Trauma

Apply wrapped ice to any bruised or sensitive areas. If bleeding, apply gentle pressure with clean gauze or a cloth. If bleeding does not stop after 10-15 minutes following the trauma, and cannot be controlled by pressure, go to your nearest urgent care center.

Broken Tooth

Rinse any dirt or debris from the injured area with warm (not hot) water. If the area is swollen, apply a cold compress to the outside of the cheek closest to the tooth for 15 minutes. Find and save any pieces of the tooth that you can, and come to our office right away!

Cold Sores/Canker Sores

When it comes to cold sores, there are many over-the-counter medications that generally provide relief. However, please call our office and we can see if we can help your child with their pain.

Knocked-Out Tooth

Carefully pick up tooth, and make sure that you only touch the crown (top area of the tooth). Rinse it off if necessary, but do not handle it roughly. If the tooth is not broken or cracked, we recommend gently reinserting it into the socket. Have your child keep it in place by biting down on a piece of gauze or cloth. If you cannot reinsert it, transport it to our office in a cup of milk. This helps keep the root of the tooth alive until your child is able to see Dr. Matt. Timeliness is crucial when it comes to saving the tooth!


Thoroughly clean around sore area. Rinse with warm salt water and try to dislodge any trapped food or debris that may be causing the discomfort. If applicable, give your little one a kid-safe, over-the-counter pain reliever to help ease the pain until you get to our office. If the area is swollen, apply a cold compress for 15 minutes on an area of the cheek closest to the aching tooth.

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