Gentle Fillings & Crowns

in Austin, TX!

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If your little one is complaining of tooth pain, they may have a cavity or tooth damage. We offer advanced, gentle fillings and dental crowns to preserve your child’s tooth and restore their dental health. We’ll never recommend a treatment that your child doesn’t need and we’ll always go over our treatment recommendations with you before getting started. We want you and your child to feel comfortable every step of the way.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Baby teeth are more susceptible to cavities and decay than adult (permanent) teeth. Because of this, fillings are often one of the most common treatments that we provide at Happy Teeth Pediatric Dentistry. After we remove decay from your child’s tooth, it often leaves a misshapen area (cavity) on the tooth. Fillings can reshape and repair a tooth after decay. We offer tooth-colored, composite resin fillings that are long-lasting, durable, and discreet. They will blend in seamlessly with your child’s smile!

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Tooth-Colored Baby Tooth Crowns

If your child experiences dental trauma or has a severely decayed baby tooth, they may be a good candidate for a crown. A crown is a tooth-shaped cap that completely covers an existing tooth. We can place a crown over a damaged baby tooth to preserve it until it falls out naturally over time. We can also put crowns onto permanent teeth to strengthen a damaged tooth and prevent the need for an extraction down the road.

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The Importance of Baby Teeth

While baby teeth are only temporary, they actually play a vital role in your child’s growth and development. Baby teeth help children learn to eat and speak and also guide adult teeth into their proper places. This is why treatments such as tooth-colored fillings and crowns are so important. They can safeguard your child’s baby teeth so that they continue to function properly and assist in your child’s development until they are ready to fall out naturally when the time is right!